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The self-produced rapper Kent Osborne runs the gamut from ominous scorchers that owe a good bit to hardcore punk to trap-esque downtempo tracks. Throughout, Osborne looks at social issues from the inside, and converts angst into serious questions about the validity of feelings, the queasy evolution of consumer culture and more.


- The Nashville Scene -

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Kent Osborne is a multi-instrumentalist, rapper, and lyricist. The Atlanta-native migrated to Nashville in 2016 while pursuing his music career. 
 Osborne grew up playing music and learning various instruments, all while being surrounded by the rich history of the Atlanta music scene. The city’s affinity for hip-hop rubbed off on him, giving him influences like Childish Gambino , Kendrick Lamar , and OUTKA$T. With the foundations of hip-hop tradition, he began branching out into rapping about atypical themes and topics. While currently offering the sound of hip-hop with lyrical content that is more relatable and grounded. 
 “I don’t represent the Trap side of Atlanta. I feel like I represent the average guy who has the same problems as anyone else. The goal of my music is to be therapeutic to people. I want to have a song that fits any mood someone is in. A song for when you're sad, a song for when you’re just smoking a cig by yourself, and of course a song for when you are tryna get lit,” says Osborne. 
 Along with writing and producing his independent works, he is in a Nashville band, Thank You Please. The acts range from metal rock to rap— a true testimony to the diversity of Osborne’s skills and interests. Osborne is looking to book shows, discuss opportunities, and talk to press. Please use the contact tab with any inquiries.

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